The Ultimate Vegan Takoyaki

The Ultimate Vegan Takoyaki

Before I went plant-based, my most favorite street food has always been Takoyaki. It was always my go-to food when I get stressed from college homework. When I decided to go out of the terrible diet, it’s one of the foods I missed most.

But, years after, when I saw the “vegan” sign in a narrow street in Shilin District, I went in and was so surprised as I found out it was Vegan Takoyaki!

Tried the Mixed Flavors. The texture was so nice and the balls were creamy and mushy as I chew them one by one. Oooh, you should try ’em! P.S. my favorite was Oolong Tea!

Find the location on the map below.

If you, just like me, are a vegan who loves Takoyaki, never miss this place when you visit Taiwan! Happy vegan travels!

Find out more about their shop on:
Instagram: @mushyaki
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mushyaki

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