Finding a vegan shack wherever you are

Most of the time. A vegan resto is one of the hardest places for us to find, MOST OF THE TIME. Food-tripping is not limited to unhealthy ones alone! Find out the best vegan go-to’s to list down in your next vegan meals out-of-town.

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Vegan and Whole-foods Plant-based Lifestyle

Vegan and Whole-foods Plant-based, though commonly used in the same manner, are two different areas. In this section are good reads and lifestyle tips for you to keep going while on-the-go!

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Vegan Traveler’s recipes

Traveling with a huge baggage of food processors, utensils, and other kitchenware is always what comes to other people’s minds when they know your love for both travel and healthy lifestyle. You can prove them wrong! Learn easy vegan recipes convenient for every vegan traveler and fly around the world without a hassle.

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Hovering with a plant-based lifestyle

From the generation of Adam and Eve to Brad Pitt and Angelina, we have experienced a tragic downfall of human nutrition and science. While meat-eating fell into place, our environment has since then being damaged with our downright syndication of not only plastics and wastes but also bovine milk, animal meat, and carcasses of innocent animals at a rapid speed.

In this new era of growing views of Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives, Food Choices, What The Health, etcetera, and more people being educated with the verity of the world’s impending human-made environmental destruction, VEGANISM has been rampantly growing worldwide as well. But albeit this movement’s platform rose to its peak in this millennium, there is always at least one thing that makes one step back and that is TRAVEL.

Most of us have already made the word “travel” atop on our list of passions but as the huge awakening came to our lives, it has become a struggle to balance both. In this blog are series of vegan stories, cubicles of vegan good reads, even kitchenette-ready recipes and more!

You will never see “balancing the lifestyle and travel” the same way again.

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Discover more vegan travel tips at your vegan fingertips!

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