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About Me

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While most vegans got their conviction out of health factors, environmental conservation, or simply, for the love of animals, I started out a Whole-foods Plant-based lifestyle without the care for those. Simply put, I had this hate-relationship with animals (I’d only touch them dead and enjoy “dissecting” them during my past zoology lab), never had a thought of the connection between environment and veganism and just couldn’t find environmental care interesting, and most of all, I was very careless with my health.

I recently had three beautiful cats namely Rere, Hippurrcrates, and Meowton. I share my joys in trying to contribute to a healthy and sustainable environment through simple ways and I’m very interested in organic agriculture. I love helping people who struggle with acute to chronic diseases through diet and nutrition, making meal plans for my family, sharing thoughts about “healthy lifestyle”, speaking in small communities and groups about health and food which involves vegan-vegetarian cooking demonstrations, and going to charity programs.

How It All Started

So, what’s with the paradigm shift?

As I’ve mentioned, I started out without any conviction from something apparently known to most likely be the base point of why one goes vegan. I started Whole-foods Plant-based (not just vegan) because I had no choice during that time. I was in college and I decided to stay in a home with its own small restaurant so I wouldn’t have to walk every day to the market (which was a kilometer away or two from the place). All I was informed about before going there was that they serve healthy vegetarian food. Yep. Vegetarian. I went for it since it’s just VEGETARIAN, anyway, and I thought of myself as somebody who’s always interested in anything about food (one of the reasons why I enrolled myself in Nutrition and Dietetics program – I thought it’s just all about cooking and food, but that’s another story) but I was wrong. The very first meal I had was totally horrible! It was sauteed bittermelon with scrambled tofu (which I thought was scrambled eggs) and it was so plain to my taste buds. That was just during the first parts, though, since I eventually got close to everyone in that house and went on with the diet out of influence. The misinformation I had was a blessing! Had the people who informed me said it was Whole-foods Plant-based, I would never have tried thinking I wouldn’t thrive without meat. Everything turned out well later on until when I came back home.

Not Going Back. Just Changing the Route

Growing up in a meat-eating family, I struggled with the diet for half a year and gradually went back to becoming one, once again. I didn’t have anything to tell why I must keep going Whole-foods Plant-based other than influence. That downfall surely pushed me down and I got more discouraged until I decided to never look back; I’d only feel awful.

I came back to school but transferred to another college in the same program. A year after, an old housemate I’ve been with in my previous university (who’s also Whole-foods Plant-based) transferred to my school. We resided in one apartment and I gradually came back to the lifestyle with her support. It was then when interest in the environment and animals dramatically leaped in. I’ve started watching documentaries and woke up to so many realities in the world including the dreadful cycle of government subsidizing the livestock that affects not only the lives of animals being slaughtered but also human health via ecological dysfunction and the environment itself with its constituents.

There’s so much more to Veganism than we simply know, not to mention the biochemical level arguments that are still in the process of research but this doesn’t mean that what have just been disclosed should not be shared. They were disclosed for us to share.

Disputations and Struggles Alike

The things I do now and who I am now may seem like the stark contrast of who I used to be but just like any other health-and-environment-conscious animal lover, I’ve undergone a lot of struggles as well. Many times, I’ve been ridiculed by my relatives and other peers but the keys to maintaining a healthy lifestyle do not only encompass diet and exercise. There’s also “positivity” and that’s what I brought along my journey.

In everything we do, there’s always someone or some people who dissent until such time when they see and learn the truth for themselves. You see, shifting a perspective to its antipode is unarguably difficult unless you partner effort with substantial amounts of positivity. Stay humble and happy with your life, and you’re letting yourself become a living testimony for others to see.

Words may be as good as a sword to win a battle but no matter one’s elocution, words are not enough or even nothing without actions and deeds. Keep going as you yodel in the plant-based lifestyle.


Why Vegan Travels? The title is self-explanatory — I’m Vegan and I love to travel.

I’ve always wanted to not only see the world but also discover the countless things you can do with food without animal products. As much as I always experiment with my own meals, I want to try out plant-based foods around the world that vary culturally and by creativity.

This website consists of vegan travel tips, vegan dishes you’ll oh-so wanna try, and vegan restaurants you won’t ever wanna miss.

If you’re heading to a place in the world to discover their kind of plant-based dishes or simply want to find a vegan restaurant with description and directions, you’re on the right site! Enjoy traveling with the perfect lifestyle.

Happy Vegan Travels!

Blessy W.


Hi! I’m Blessy. Alongside having a background in Nutrition and Dietetics, I’m a Freelance writer and a Whole-foods Plant-based (WFPB) lifestyle activist at the same time. I have an academic experience in meal planning (technically, Whole-foods Plant-based and Vegan diets). Apart from my personal approach to this lifestyle, I am also very passionate about helping others through proper water consumption, balanced nutrition, rest, exercise, self-discovery, and outdoor exposure — keys in obtaining optimum health. Being an aspiring Nutrition Research Scientist and vegan foodie, I’m passionate about traveling around the world and finding vegan eats that are not only good for the stomach but also for one’s overall health, the environment, and for the animals.

Want to go plant-based?

If you wish to start adopting the vegan/plant-based lifestyle, help heal the eco-system, or simply know more plant-based restaurants and travel tips, and more…

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