7-day meal plan

7-day meal plan

7-Day Meal Plan

If you can’t fit-in a parcel of your time on your hectic schedule or just don’t have enough ideas to make your own personalized 7-day menu plan, get yourself a free one!

The Perfect Menu

Talking about menu planning plus the common notion of non-vegans about “nutrient inadequacy”, this is one real struggle for a vegan. Here are a bunch of tips for making your personalized 7-day meal plan, whether on a kickstart or a groove.

One-on-one Tutorial

So you want to start off your own menu but you don’t know how. You’ve read all the tips and learned from your vegan peers but still couldn’t find your platform. If you need some help in making your own nutritionally efficient meal plan or even in your preparation, why not have it free? Click here for a happy and healthy vegan journey!


Vegan Inventory

Vegan, Gluten-free vegan, Raw, Whole-foods Plant-based, Paleolithic, Neutropenic, Ketogenic, etcetera… We’re so full of a lot of good info and downsides of all of them. Which one is really the right one for you and your family? Click here for some good reads and watch for a clinical and dietetic approach to your choice.

Moderation. Variety. Balance.

Admit it or not, sometimes (or most of the time), we tend to just write down what commonly comes to our mind when we try to plan our menu, and oftentimes, we keep losing ideas too. To make sure we have the right amount of nutrients according to our needs, click here.


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